Our camp takes COVID-19 precautions very seriously. When the current summer guidelines for summer 2021 are finalized from the SFDPH we will share our COVID-19 policies on this page, and will email all families that have signed up.


Below are the COVID-19 policies from summer 2020, I anticipate that this summer will be more ''relaxed'' than last summer but feel free to read up on last year policies. We are prepared to do the same this year if it's required from SFDPH.  Last updated: June 5, 2020



  • Staff will take temperature and fill out the health questionnaire daily before working with the children. Staff will not work at the camp if showing any symptom of illness.

  • Staff will wear masks when with the children.

  • Staff will sanitize their hands regularly when interacting with children.



  • Children are required to wear masks during the camp day, but will not wear duing napping.

  • Parents must wear masks during pick up/drop off.

  • Staff will wear masks when with the children.



  • Lunch should be packaged in a lunchbox with your child’s name clearly written on it.

  • Lunch and snack will take place outdoors. Children will socially distance for meal times when their masks are removed.



  • Bathrooms will be sanitized several times a day

  • Tables will be sanitized before/after meals

  • Door knobs, and other commonly touched surfaces will be sanitized daily

  • Any toy that is put into a child's mouth will be immediately put aside to be disinfected.



  • Children are encouraged to wash with soap and water for 20 seconds (while singing Happy Birthday)

  • We will be encouraging hand cleaning more frequently, especially after blowing noses, sucking fingers, before and after eating, and coming in from outside.

  • Children will use hand sanitizer with the teacher's supervision when hand washing is not feasible.


LOCATION, 1300 Shrader Street

  • Our camp will be outdoors 75% of the day: on the outdoor deck classroom

  • We walk to the Grattan Tennis courts daily. Please note that the Grattan tennis courts are open to the public, and there are others who are using the space when we are there.

  • Children will come inside the building to use the bathroom as needed

  • Children will come inside the building to wash their hands with soap and water as needed.

  • Children will come inside the building in inclement weather.

  • Children will come inside to nap and for part of the afternoon program (full day students only).



  • Please apply sunblock on your child before drop off. We also apply sunblock at 10:30 AM before heading out to the tennis courts. Due to COVID-19, we ask that you send sunblock in easy to apply stick form. Our teachers will not be rubbing sunblock lotion.

  • Being that our camp is outdoors, and San Francisco summer is unpredictable, please dress your child in layers so that they can be comfortable at all times.



  • Please note that there is no practical way to achieve full social distancing with young children - not between the students and not between the students and their teachers. Teachers will comfort and play with your child/ren as appropriate. We feel this is an imperative part of emotionally healthy care for young children. This is something that you NEED TO FEEL COMFORTABLE with.

  • Teachers will be wearing masks and using hand sanitizer regularly when interacting with the children.

  • During learning circle and during meals children will socially distance

  • We will have an increase of table top activities which children will be able to do at their own tables. Materials like art supplies, playdough, slime etc…. will be divided between children and not shared (as much as possible).

  • Please note that we will not prevent children from playing with each other. This is part of healthy child behavior that is essential for their development.



  • Please do not bring any toys or stuffed animals from home. The only items allowed from home will be a scooter/bike, helmet, lunchbox and water bottle which will be kept in your child’s bin and handled only by your child.


  1. There will be drop off pods marked off on the sidewalk. When coming in the morning please enter a ‘’pod’’ and wait for a teacher. Teacher will ask you some healthcare screening questions, and take the temperature of your child. Teachers will not take temperature or allow your child into the classroom BEFORE 9:00 AM. Please be patient as you wait your turn to be allowed in.


  1. After the health screening, your child will put their lunchbox and water bottle in their special bin (each child/family will have their own to avoid cross contamination).


  1. Children will then use hand sanitizer and be allowed to enter our ‘’classroom’’.

  2. Parents are not allowed into our indoor or outdoor classroom.

  3. Adults doing drop off must be wearing MASKS and KEEP them ON while chatting with teachers and other parents.

  4. Adults must bring their own pen for sign in. Ideally the same family member should drop off and pick up every day.



  1. Enter a pod and wait for your child.

  2. A teacher will help your child get their helmet, bike, water bottle and lunch box and bring your child to your pod.

  3. When walking home, please try to stay 6 feet from other families.

  4. Bring your own pen for sign out.



  • There will be a daily health screen before allowing your child/ren into camp.

  • You will be asked if your child/ren has a fever, shortness of breath or cough.

  • The teacher will observe if your child/ren has flushed cheeks, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing, fatigue, or extreme fussiness.

  • The teacher will then use a “non-touch” (infrared) thermometer to take your child’s temperature.

  • In the case that your child/ren has a fever, or they display one of the symptoms listed above, your child/ren will not be able to join camp that day, and must be symptom free for 72 hours before returning to camp. Siblings will not be allowed back into camp during those 72 hours.


  • Keep your child home if they have a temperature of 100.4 or above, or any other symptoms of sickness (listed above).

  • Children must be symptom free for 72 hours before returning to camp.

  • If your child has an excessive runny nose, cough or sneeze, they will be separated from other children and you will need to pick him/her up within 30 minutes. (Siblings will need to be picked up as well).

  • If you or another member of your household has a temperature or is sick, we ask that you keep your child home.


What will happen if a child, family member of a child, or household member of a child, or staff is exposed to or has COVID-19 confirmed by a positive COVID-19 test? 

  1. Our camp will close for 2-5 days. This short-term closure allows time to safely clean and disinfect, and for the local health officials to determine appropriate next steps. 

  2. We will contact the SFDPH Schools and Childcare Hub for consultation and guidance at (415)-554-2830.

  3. We will communicate with the staff, parents, and students. We will maintain the confidentiality of the child, youth, or staff member with COVID-19 as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, and possibly HIPAA

  4. We will Clean and disinfect thoroughly. 

  5. We will work with SFDPH to determine when our camp can re-open.


Refunds of 50% of the remaining days of Camp will be issued in the case that Camp needs to close because of COVID-19 related issues.