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Bat Mitzvah 
(6th & 7th grade Girls)

I am honored that you are considering doing a Bat Mitzvah with Shabbat Club and Chabad of Cole Valley. 


Our mission is to make the Bat Mitzvah experience, both the study, and the ceremony/party, an individual experience filled with each girl’s (and their family’s) unique strengths, interests and dreams.

The Bat Mitzvah Experience is perfect for the girl that has been through the Shabbat Club program, or other Hebrew school, as well as the girl that has never had any formal Jewish education.

I look forward to working together as you plan your daughter's special day.


The Bat Mitzvah Package includes:

  • 10 One-one-one lessons with Chaya before the Bat Mitzvah Ceremony.

  • 8 fun filled and meaningful Bat Mitzvah Club meetings with
    Chaya AND a group of other 6th & 7th grade girls.

  • Planning a personalized Bat Mitzvah Ceremony with Chaya

  • Rabbi Nosson and Chaya’s attendance at the Bat Mitzvah Ceremony.


Bat Mitzvah Package Details:


10 one hour One-on-one lessons with Chaya (leading up to the Bat Mitzvah Ceremony)

Lessons include 30 minutes of formal instruction/discussion and 30 minutes of scrapbooking and/or crafting.

The lessons cover the basics and essentials of Jewish life and thought. Additional fifteen minute optional Hebrew reading.

Cost: Sliding scale of $60 - $90 per hour.

8 Bat Mitzvah Club Meetings (throughout the 6th/7th grade year)

The Bat Mitzvah Club is an essential supplemental enrichment club independent of the Bat Mitzvah ceremony and preparations.


The Club is the place for your daughter to dive into some crafts, cooking, projects and games. During BMC meetings, she'll get to chat about the real issues she faces every day. Know that for her, it'll be a safe place to talk about anything from boys to braces. 


Our 8 lesson curriculum follows eight famous Jewish women in history and the practical lessons we learn from each one. 

Cost: $100 for the Club


Planning a personalized Bat MItzvah Ceremony with Chaya with Bat Mitzvah Speech Assistance AND Rabbi Nosson’s and Chaya’s participation in the ceremony.


The Bat Mitzvah ceremony at Chabad of Cole Valley is a uniquely individualized event. The parents sit down with Chaya Potash to craft their own memorable and meaningful ceremony. Traditionally, the Bat Mitzvah Ceremony consists of a mitzvah, blessings, well wishes, and some prayers.


The parents (and optionally, their daughter too), will sit down to discuss the particulars of their ceremony. After choosing a topic for the Bat Mitzvah speech, Chaya will offer additional teaching on the chosen topic, and will help draft a speech.


The ceremony can include:

-         Dvar Torah/Speech from the Rabbi and or Chaya

-         Parents Dvar Torah/Blessing/Remarks

-         Dvar Torah Speech by the Bat Mitzah girl

-         Various songs throughout the ceremony

-         Cup of Blessing Ceremony

-         Candle lighting ceremony

-         Blessing on Challah or other mitzvah linked to the Bat Mitzvah girl’s speech


Cost:  Sliding scale of $350.00 - $750.00


Party Catering

Chaya is happy to cater/host in the Chabad house or parklet for an additional cost, TBD based on the party considerations.


Parents can also choose their own venues and caterers. In order to have Rabbi Nosson and Chaya preside over the ceremony, the food served must be kosher.

For more information, or to set up an initial meeting to discuss the Bat Mitzvah, please fill out the Contact Us below, and put in the notes that you would like to speak about a Bat Mitzvah.

Please note that no family will be turned away for lack of funds.

"Chabad of Cole Valley guided my daughter through her bat mitzvah preparation and at the event itself. My daughter loved learning with Chaya, and has developed a strong Jewish identity as a result. Chaya is very sweet and nurturing and helped my daughter to feel confident on her big day. Now that bat mitzvah is over, my daughter expresses interest in continuing her Jewish education, which aligns with our belief that Bat Mitzvah is not the end, rather it is the beginning."

- Annabelle & Jason Bergenfeld

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