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(Grades K-5th)
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The Shabbat Club After School Program provides opportunities for children to experience our rich Jewish culture and heritage through activities and crafts that express the fun and excitement of Jewish life, while making new friends and creating great memories.


Our teaching methods engage each child’s distinct method of learning as we give them the tools to engage with their Judaism for a lifetime. We believe that positive Jewish educational experiences lead to feelings of warmth and joy towards Judaism.

Is Shabbat Club the same as Hebrew School or Sunday School? We pride ourselves on teaching about Judaism on par with the youth education programs that is associated with a larger synagogue. Yet, our focus is fun and meaningful Jewish experiences in the learning, the projects, and social connection. Our goal is for children to love coming to Shabbat Club rather than seeing it as an obligation. Shabbat Club is a great addition to other Jewish educational programs (If you are already sending to one), but it is also a worthy alternative to the traditional "Sunday School" or Hebrew School".

We currently provide pick up from the following public schools: Grattan's GASP program, New Traditions & Clarendon. Families from other schools are also welcome and children can be dropped off at 2:45 PM.

We welcome families from all backgrounds. Our inclusive environment is made up of students from all backgrounds and lineages. An individual's level of observance is not stressed. All children enjoy a shared Jewish spirit through songs and projects. 

Sample Schedule

2:30 PM       Pick up from schools

2:45 PM       Arrival at Shabbat Club: Free play & pre-packaged snacks available

                     Sample free play options: Ping Pong, Magnetic ramps wall, Clay,
                     Jewelry making, woodworking, jumparoo

3:15 PM      Welcome Circle & team building activities that nurture sensitivity to

3:45 PM      Grattan Playground. Choice of organized game/sport or playground

4:30 PM      Snack and Jewish story

4:45 PM      Judaic Curriculum. Children will be grouped based on age.

5:30 PM      Program ends.

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