Our mission for Shabbat Club as a community is to be a place where everyone feels at home to explore their Judaism.


We welcome equally those who don’t maintain any formal affiliation with Jewish institutions as well as those who are very involved in community organizations or synagogues.

Shabbat Club is a warm community, that allows you to connect with your Judaism in a non-judgmental, happy and innovative manner. 

2022-2023 Community Events Calendar

Yom Kippur Service
for Children

October 4

Sukkot Party

October 12

November 11

Shabbat Dinner

December 10

Glow in the Dark
Havdallah Party

Chanukah Street Festival

December 18

Tu B'Shevat Planting

February 5

Tu B'shevat planting

Shabbat Dinner

February 17

Purim Party

March 7

Shavuot Ice Cream Party

May 26